Two Bells Productions

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Company registered in England and Wales: 6747348

Official Company address: c/o Perlin Franco, Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU

VAT registered: 125733227

Established in 2002, Two Bells Productions is an independent film production company whose award winning features have been international festival hits.


The company’s interests generally lie in the thriller and sci-fi genres, with contained or isolated environments being of particular interest.


Two Bells Productions is currently developing 3 features; "New Pangaea", four teenagers have spent their entire lives underground now plan escape, sci-fi adventure. "Awaken", about an android accussed of murdering her human lover and seeking the truth, written by Stuart Price. And "Rfit" a sci-fi comedy based around three misfits who develop portal tech to jump from place to place - developed with writer Simon Rozee ("Perfect Break").





‘Confine’ was released on the 1st July, 2013, in the UK. Simultaneous multi-platform; limited theatrical, DVD, VoD. It is currently available on Amazon, LoveFilm, iTunes, FilmFlex (Virgin Movies, EE), HMV and certain superstores like ASDA.


The film is now out in North America, via Screen Media Films, as of April 15th 2014.

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